What parents need to know

Parents need to know that The Sweeney is an English crime drama about an elite police squad that's based on a 1970s UK TV series (so it doesn't have much of a built-in U.S. audience). There's tons of strong language, with "f--k" used almost constantly, as well as brutal violence (fighting, shooting/guns, blood, car chases, etc.). The main character is having an affair; consequently, there are several sex scenes and sexual innuendoes, though no actual nudity is shown. Characters drink, the main character regularly smokes cigarettes, and it's suggested that a child is about to smoke a cigarette (not shown). It's also worth noting that the characters speak with very strong, hard-edged English accents, which may be difficult for some Americans to follow.
  • Families can talk about The Sweeney's violence. Does it justify the use of brutal police force to capture criminals? Is it entirely acceptable, or are there questions? Can the ends ever justify the means?
  • Is it OK to use unorthodox methods to achieve something? Or is it better to follow the rules, even if those rules make it more difficult?
  • What makes the main character smoke cigarettes? How does the movie portray smoking overall? Drinking?
  • Do you think viewers need to be familiar with the show that inspired the movie to enjoy it?
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