The Story of Levi Leipheimer Synopsis
A screening of the film "The Levi Effect," followed by a panel discussion about cycling.

Movie Reviews


By sefly1919
Great movie, far exceeded my expectations. Covered every aspect of cycling, including doping. Very inspirational, Levi is a great man for putting himself out there for the world to see. My wife who...


By netherwitton
He is a great person and it shows, honest too now at great personal risk of destroyng all he has created. Went clean and still punished for the past, when everyone was doing it! Wonderful piece of...

Cool Inside Look at Levi's World

By waynemoliver
I enjoyed the movie a lot, it was a very cool perspective inside the life of Levia and different aspects of his life and the Grand Fondo....


By tim.fleisher
this was terrible. if you think you are going to learn anything insightful about cycling in this movie you won't. this is about a guy who wants to take lances place and show the world how great of a...

Levi Effect

By kingswire
Definite movie for anyone that rides a bike. Great story line and shows the ins and outs of the sport throught the life of Levi. Inspirational moments throughout the movie and heartwarming...

The Levi Effect-well balanced

By clyde1991
The Levi effect is a fairly balanced portrayal of Levi Lepheimer. Though the juxtaposition of some of the Tour de France races with what we know now about the performance enhancing drug use by the...

Levi Movie

By djbike
The movie was great, so sorry to see that there were only 5 of us in the show. Wonderful movie and I got to see who Levi really is. Thank you for doing it. To be honest, I didnt stay long for the...

Worth Seeing

By rtrbeetle
The Levi Effect was well done, but was a bit redundant, especially the discussion panel at the end of the movie. I wish they would have touched on the Tour de France a little more, but it was cool...

Great bike geek movie!

By bryancald
Less of cycling movie, and more about the man who spent so much time with Lance. It gives an inside view of life before and after the doping crackdown....

The Levi Effect

By dhutch007
Good quality movie. I am glad that he is focused upon giving back to his community. I just wish that he would have explained more what exactly he and his former team mates are going to do to improve...

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Rated PG-13