Boring remake of 1980's classic

By jhs39
Written October 17, 2009
My heart sunk as soon as I saw the name J.S. Cordone in the opening credits. The original The Stepfather from the 1980's had a script by the great mystery writer Donald Westlake. Cordone on the other hand is the genius who scripted the wretched remake of Prom Night. While the original was a taut, no-nonsense thriller the new version is bloated and mostly boring, at least until the busy climax. For reasons that aren't entirely clear Cordone decided to change the teenage girl protagonist of the original into a teenage boy this time around, which occasionally makes the material seem like a blatant rip-off of Disturbia. An athletic, muscled 18-year-old-boy just isn't going to be as vulnerable as a girl would be when attacked by the middle aged step-father psycho. In a fair fight the older guy wouldn't have much of a chance. Amber Heard is smoking hot, though, and spends most of her scenes in a bikini or underwear. Thank heaven (or the movie's producers) for small favors.
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the step father

By estrella324
Written October 19, 2009
this was a really great movie. intense at points. Although good.
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Five Word Review

By mason_butterfly
Written November 14, 2009
Amazing Fantastic Magical Faboo! Hot!!
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Good movie but not to die for

By Witchever
Written October 17, 2009
This was a very good movie but not a must see.
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This was a waste of time.

By HSMluver96
Written October 18, 2009
I honestly wished I didn't go. It kinda just wasted my time. I am a 13 year old girl and I do not get scared easily. But this was just unnecessary. The story line was very predictable. The only part I did like was that Micheal (Penn) was a very good actor in this movie, I hope he does more of these, it can help his career. I hid behind my 5 year old brothers jacket at times but I don't know I'm not sure about this movie. Most of the people in the theater jumped and clapped and the good parts and the people I was watching with were wimps. They would scream at the stupidest parts. My main reason I didn't like it is because it was very predictable. But the actors did a great job, especially Penn. The youngest I would recommend this move to is a very strong 6 year old tbh. My brother is 5, and he saw it. He didn't even scream once and a bunch of teenagers in the theater were shaken.
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