These reviews were right..

By birac
Written November 11, 2009
Why didn't I listen. No surprises at all.Too much looseness in young couples behavior and constant state of undress. Just didn't have anything to do so we thought we'd give this a chance and one of the guys pointed out that the whole movie was in the commercials and we shouldn't waste the money. Sometimes you have to trust your peers. Glad I didn't bring gf. Me and my buddies felt like idiots.Amber Heard may have brains,personality and acting ability-but someone needs to tell her,we'll never know if she keeps this garbage up. Except for Step,the actors all need lessons,especially young son. Moms sister,she was good I gotta say too. FINAL WARNING don't'waste time. Can't believe this is still in theatres.
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Stepfather is formula Hollywood, but enjoyable

By ccodave
Written October 20, 2009
I walked out of this movie not really impressed, but felt it was worth the time to see it. There's nothing really new in the movie and the ending is hardly surprising. The editors certainly enjoyed showing off the good bodies of Penn Badgley and Amber Heard (neither of which looked like they were in high school), but both good to look at. It was fun guessing who was the next victim.
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dont see the stepfather

By thechosenone13
Written October 18, 2009
This was a horrible movie. Dont ever see this movie even when it goes to redbox for a dollar even then you would still be paying to much. The original was 100 times better. I would rather see the village again
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By kimberly12300
Written October 21, 2009
It was great...I have a stepfather who is great but ohhh...makes you wonder...loved the movie.
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predictable movie with good acting

By CarolP101298
Written November 15, 2009
predictable movie with good acting
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