Go see it

By Melanie1393
Written October 17, 2009
Just saw it like 40 minutes ago. Good movie. It ends horribly I was so mad. It's not a horror movie and there's like no blood. Well there is just a little bit. It's mostly a thriller, if you go by the scary music you are definitely going to get played haha. I definitely cached on to their little tricks. It was an ALRIGHT movie over all. Penn Badgely was good and so was Walsh.
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Five Word Review

By MichaelJacksonLover
Written October 17, 2009
Horrible. Don't go. Not scary.
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The Stepfather is Disturbia

By Ayeshared1
Written October 18, 2009
If you have seen the movie "Disturbia" then you have seen "Stepfather"! Its the same plot but different setting. I hate when they show alot of previews to the movie before it comes out and thats just what they did to this one. All the previews you saw were the main points of the movie. Its like you no what was happening next. The ending....*sticking tounge out* yea right....I didn't think the movie would end like that let alone the beginning. She meets the guy at the grocery store and they just skipped to 6 months later ready for marriage. I so wanted to see this movie, but now I wish I would have gotten "Disturbia" from the redbox instead!
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The family fighting him off was to fast

By JimmySara
Written October 19, 2009
The movie was pretty good, but once the family knew for sure he was a freak, it only lasted about 10 seconds before it was over and he was on to the next family.
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Stick To Nip/Tuck!

By adicullen
Written October 25, 2009
This movie was bad. Not only did the previews show the whole movie but it wasn't scary....it wasn't funny and no one in the film could act. I was very disappointed. I was hoping for a few jumps or suspense in general and this movie did not deliver. If you like the young actor and want to see him shirtless than go for it. Otherwise, don't even rent it. I'm serious. AWFUL.
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