By Josephrogers2
Written October 24, 2009
If you have seen Disturbia then dont waste your time going to see this. It has almost the exact same plot. I could tell what was going to happen the whole movie.
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By Maracco
Written October 25, 2009
This movie should not have been rated pg 13. There were enough provocative seens to make me feel very uncomfortable. The place was filled with yougsters and I was embarassed for them. It was another attempt by Hollywood to make their lack of morals Americanna for our youth. The young lady in the movie walked around half naked and threw herself at the son in the movie telling those youngsters watching that iis ok in our society. Then there was the ******* comments, once again telling our youth that this is the way everyone is in our society. I didn't pay the price of admission to have some pin-head in Hollywood project his or her sexual convictions on me either way. As far as the movie itself goes, you could see where it was heading after five minutes. It really was a chain-saw massacre movie instead of a thriller. The ending was so predicable that I laughed out lound. I predict this movie goes to Blockbuster in less than two weeks. Stay home, and tell your friends! Waste $$
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The Stepfather

Written November 01, 2009
i didn't like this movie.I did not know going in to the movie what it was about.I walked out of the movie about 25 min.into it because it was to scary.If I had known before hand what this movie was about I would have never gone.
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Five Word Review

By HarleyB2008
Written October 16, 2009
A Bit Disappointed in film.
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By manimal1
Written October 22, 2009
This movie was absolutely terrible. The idea of the whole thing was alright (and I'm being generous), but the movie was terribly boring. I thought it looked like it was going to be good. What happened? I wouldn't suggest seeing it unless you feel you absolutely have to.
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