Five Word Review

By secretxtwo
Written October 31, 2009
please just wait for DVD
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The Stepfather

By beetlebug1969
Written November 02, 2009
It had some really good scenes. My overall experience wasn't bad! I think it might be a better video rental.
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The Stepfather

By cherylthebutterfly
Written October 29, 2009
Typical psychological thriller, but with a good plot and good acting.
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If you like suspense and crazy...

By Mr Moovees
Written October 19, 2009
See this movie! In a twisted way, it's a good family movie! It makes you appreciate your own family and think about the what "ifs". The stepfather is definitely nuts. This movies keeps you on the edge of your seat because you never know what weird or crazy things he'll say or do. Some scenes shown on the previews were deleted and at times the movie was a little obvious. Without saying too much, there are scenes were one would say "how did they not know that? Or see that?". BUT it is a movie and only those things happen in movies. Overall it's pretty good and definitely worth watching. Enjoy!
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By TupperwareHeidiR
Written October 17, 2009
Enjoyed the movie! kept me in suspense and at the edge of my seat. Have not screamed at a movie since I was in my teens. Screamed twice! It was a very fun movie!
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