The Nip Tuck guy did good!

By smizraim
Written October 27, 2009
I am not so sure why this movie has not been rated higher, because it is an excellent film. Yes these type of stories have been done several times before, but hasn't everything else in Hollywood? The characters were very well developed and the story was great. I thought the film kept a good pace throughout, and we were thoroughly entertained. I really have no beef with this film and I recommend it to anyone who would like to see an edgy look at rushing into marriage with a psycho. I dig the twisted concept.
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An enjoyable popcorn movie :)

By punkfangrl4
Written October 16, 2009
This movie is not as scary as it seems. But I suppose that depends on your opinion, seeing as my friend was near scared tears... This movie is slightly similar to Disturbia. There is a mysterious man in an average, charming teen boy's life. He is involved with his mother. Throughout the movie we see clues on him being a murderer and suspicions arise. Disturbia is better. The bad thing is that the people are very stupid. They don't spend much time on the killing scenes, which is good. Really, a mildly tough eleven year old could see it. The difference between The Stepfather and Disturbia is that it focuses more on the sickness and disturbed character of David the Stepfather. It's pretty okay-ish good.
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The Stepfather

By Jan1028
Written October 20, 2009
I liked the movie - the casting was good and the actors were very good. I found that the fact that it had no gratitous violence - blood only where there had to be blood - to be refreshing and it was, in fact, a thriller as opposed to a horror film. I think it moved along a good pace and while it's not going to garner any Oscar nominations, it's good entertainment and certainly worth seeing
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Would have said soso..

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written October 22, 2009
...if it wasnt for what i thought some moviemakers and actors were finally getting smart about. And that is being so scared the script,dialogue etc wasnt good enough that they had to have young actress practically naked for the whole movie. if you are familiar with my reviews,you probably expected that :) but it is honestly no joke. Where is her talent? Honest men will admit that it detracts from other aspects of a film. Honest women will admit its uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. I know so many good guys who just dont pay for movies any longer because of this very type of thing. Okay,enough of that. As far as the movie goes,there was nooo mystery at all,and mostly unbelievable and elementary dialogue. Beyond formulaic. Bad acting on part of all females. I used to love Sela! The title role,dylan walsh was the best,as far as portraying a constantly on the edge pyschotic. i would have loved some insight into his psychology. Son, no impression really. Definitely a rental.
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Great Suspense!

By c560bra1
Written November 15, 2009
This movie was excellent! I was a little leary on seeing it at first because of the bad reviews received by my peers, however, I am glad I checked it out for myself. I went with my teen daughter and husband and we all were at the edge of our seats. The scenes with the young couple in the pool was totally for ratings. The girl wore a bikini through most of the movie, however, she was shaped like a "dakota fanning". In other words, there was nothing to look at. No big woop there so I don't know why so many people were bothered by those scenes. Anyway, a must see movie. GO STEPFATHER!!!!
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