The Stepfather Synopsis
A young man (Penn Badgley) suspects that his mother's new lover (Dylan Walsh) is up to no good.
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The Stepfather

By snoozie09
I enjoyed this movie. It had me guessing throughout. I was on the edge of my seat quite a few times. The ending was a surprise, not what I was expecting at all. I was very pleased. As a matter of...

The Stepfather

By shoesandsocks
Very scary- i a suspenseful kind of way. Even when you knew what was coming- it got you! Several times everyone in the theater (weekday, so only about 20) jumped simultaneously. Constant adreneline...

One of the worst films you'll ever see.

By theredraylives

good movie

By movielver89
I really liked this movie becasue it was very suspensful and it really makes you think about people you dont really know lol. It was crazy and kept you guessing the whole time and it didnt have a...

Don't bother seeing this movie.

By jsimants
This had to be the dumbest movies ever. I can't believe we choose this one to see. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a comedy or a horror flick, yet the plot was predictable every step of...

The Nip Tuck guy did good!

By smizraim
I am not so sure why this movie has not been rated higher, because it is an excellent film. Yes these type of stories have been done several times before, but hasn't everything else in Hollywood? The...

The Stepfather

By Jan1028
I liked the movie - the casting was good and the actors were very good. I found that the fact that it had no gratitous violence - blood only where there had to be blood - to be refreshing and it...

An enjoyable popcorn movie :)

By punkfangrl4
This movie is not as scary as it seems. But I suppose that depends on your opinion, seeing as my friend was near scared tears... This movie is slightly similar to Disturbia. There is a mysterious man...

Would have said soso..

By lovestalentmoviefan
...if it wasnt for what i thought some moviemakers and actors were finally getting smart about. And that is being so scared the script,dialogue etc wasnt good enough that they had to have young...

Great Suspense!

By c560bra1
This movie was excellent! I was a little leary on seeing it at first because of the bad reviews received by my peers, however, I am glad I checked it out for myself. I went with my teen daughter...

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Rated PG-13 | For intense sequences of violence, disturbing images, mature thematic material and brief sensuality.
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Common Sense Media says Popular '80s horror-suspense about parent from hell.
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