THE STEPFATHER = Genuine Chills & Thrills

By lugubriousthespian
Written May 07, 2009
In this amped-up age of identity theft and mulitple homicides originating from deeply seeded family turmoils, this tight low budget sleeper hit from 1987 seems all the more terrifyingly plausible. Terry O'Quinn ( well befoer he became LOST ) stars as this seemingly charming man who ingratiates himself into recently widowed woman's lives seeking that "perfect family" - when he doesn't get the perfect scenario, he offs them and moves onto the next victims assuming a new identity. Anchored largely by O'Quinn's rivetingly portrayal of a warped mind ready to self-destruct at any moment, he is supported by a clevrly drafted thriller that keeps the pace at a white knuckle pace and truly makes you root for the innocents, especially the young daughter of new wife (ex Angel Shelly Hack) who suspects early on that something is decidedly off about her new STEPFATHER. The double climax is worth seeing twice as it may leave you gasping the first time around!!
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