By uleij
Written June 03, 2011
Simple movie about people and prejudice. People are always afraid to take the leap on love and friendship because once you do, you can never go back. Actors were wonderful. Ending disappointing.
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Many missed opportunities, but a sweet, beautiful story.

By Dominic LeRose
Written November 09, 2014
If you think your life was tough, meet Fin. Fin is a dwarf who is tormented by many people, mostly kids, due to his size. When Fin's only friend suddenly dies, he moves out to an abandoned train station to live as a hermit due to his love of trains and social hatred. Fin meets two friends named Olivia and Joe who show him the meaning of happiness and fun, who may in fact change his life. Peter Dinklage as a bullied dwarf will break your heart in this soulful role. It's impossible not to feel for is delicate character. Bobby Cannavale as Joe is a load of fun and breathes life into this grounded story. Patricia Clarkson is full of emotions, but is too old for the role. "The Station Agent" has so much potential to make Thomas McCarthy's story have more energy, but it sits still for a while and is completely anchored for the most part. Only twice did I feel moved by this story. Sure, it's a journey to go through the life of Fin, but the journey needed more conflict besides Fin being miserable. I would have also liked to see more comedy, since "The Station Agent" works with the blend of comedy and drama from what we have seen. This film sort of feels like a rough draft that needs more soul put into it to get a better result. This film basically says it has potential to be extremely moving, but due to McCarthy's bland direction and seemingly static characters, it doesn't quite achieve. "The Station Agent" is full of beautiful friendships and a protagonist e root for all the way. It would have been better if the film was just more of what it had to offer.
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