The Stanford Prison Experiment Synopsis
Based on the infamous true story, 24 students role play as prisoners & guards in an experiment that shocked the world. This chilling thriller stars Ezra Miller & Billy Crudup.
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The Stanford Prison Experiment

By kjlrave
Thrilling, intense, masterfully acted. A must See!!...


By keithkramlich
I'm hige txcewtgt rede the same as I...

Great Film -

By Prevans
This film sucks you into the experiment. Some amazing drama and at the end your left with some things to ponder about yourself. What would I do if I had been one of the participants....

Stanford prison

By Bsloop8432
Want to see this movie but cant find where its showing anywhere...

By charleseller41
Unbelievable that somebody came out with the exact same movie that was out a short while ago starring Forest Whitaker.. I gave one star for originality because it's somebody else's idea...

The real story is fascinating...

By lemurminks
and this is a great retelling. I'm glad to see something so poignant being retold....

learn from history's mistakes

By battleofthebay89
it is so hard to believe that this movie was inspired by true events. it is important to see movies like this, and teach it in the classrooms, so that society learns from its mistakes. while...


By caseyrfi
I would have rather it been a doc...


By Marclem
Just brilliant...


By Linomatthew
Radio silence in the theater both time I went. Truly affecting movie....

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Rated R | For Abusive Behavior, Some Sexual References and Language
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Common Sense Media says Powerful depiction of shocking, harrowing real-life events.
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