Great action-packed movie the whole family can enjoy!!!

By Virdie
Written January 09, 2010
I have to say I am a fan of Jackie Chan films. He is a fun action star. His new movie is excellent for families, geared to children 6-13 with enough action to keep the parents entertained. If your looking for a feel good action flick- then this is for you. I have to say 4 out of 5 stars
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Family fun, courtesy of The Spy Next Door

By Moviebuff360
Written January 27, 2010
It won't win any big awards or have young girls swooning over the hero, but The Spy Next Door is a fun, lighthearted movie that young and old can watch together without worry of embarrassing dialogue, nudity or suggestive content. It has some truly funny moments, visually exciting action sequences where no one dies, and a good moral to the story. If you go to see it in that frame of mind, you won't be disappointed and the satisfaction of being able to see a movie with the whole family and not leave the theatre having to explain uncomfortable situations to children makes it a hit in my book.
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Five Word Review

By Redneck Dragon
Written January 04, 2010
Jackie Chan Always Kick BUTT
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The Spy Next Door

By JulieDoane
Written January 16, 2010
This movie was a great movie for all ages to see. I am a pretty good judge of character when it comes to language and I did not hear any foul language at all! This is what most parents are looking for and the plot was really cute! I would go back and see it again and again with my child.
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the spy next door

By Bulldawgz100
Written January 24, 2010
looks like they copied the pacifier.
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