2 Families Review, GREAT MOVIE! MUST SEE!

By TLC_28
Written February 14, 2008
Audience: 3 girls ages 14, 9, and 9, 1 boy age 8 We all thought Spiderwick was a GREAT movie and were on the edge of our seats. The action was great, intense, and kept you on your toes. The kids really got into the movie jumping, holding each others hands (due to action and the intensity), and loving every minute of it. My 9 year old was the only one that has read all the books and did say there was a lot missing from the books and rattled off many things, not necessarily important though. So as with any book that's been made into a movie, keep in mind this is the movie and things get lost due to time, keep the movie progressing, doesn't translate well into movie, or can't be done. My Nephew, 14 year old daughter, and I which hadn't read any of the books really enjoyed it and didn't feel we missed anything. Even with all of the apparent changes to the movie our 2 families think this is a must see movie. If you like Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia, you'll like Spiderwick to!
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By Glesgagirl
Written February 28, 2008
Great Family Fun Clean movie. I truly enjoyed it. Both my daughter and I agreed there was alot of Harry Potter similar names and the Big Bird but what a wonderful movie to watch. I will have to buy this one on dvd and watch it again. I do so enjoy these kinds of movies and would recommed any family to watch it. Good movie
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The Chronicles of What?

By CtMovie_Buff
Written February 01, 2008
I seen a screening last night at a manhattan theatre! The movie was enjoyable it was no harry potter or chronicles of narnia but it is in its own right a good m,ovie. Although the mopvie is not as dark and literally "magic" but it has its alternate perception of our world, not a new world in itself like in the other movies. I liked that this was a little more believeable and the acting made the storyline more believeable and also i enjoyed the comedic aspects as opposed to the do-or-die potter movies. The movie was clever and the acting sold the script. go see with the family!
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Most Enjoyable

By moshpitmomma
Written February 06, 2008
I loved this movie and so did my 10 year old son. I can't wait for my other children to see it. I don't think it should be compared to Narnia (slow moments) or Potter (emotional teenage moments). This movie was non-stop action with great characters. Younger children may find it scary - more than once I wanted to yell out "Look Out!! Hit It!!" I would definitely recommend for all thrill seekers small and large.
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By movie_goer525
Written December 19, 2007
This movie will be awesome!!!! I want to see it so badly. I might see it in the IMAX.
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