The Spiderwick Chronicles: The IMAX Experience Synopsis
Siblings (Freddie Highmore, Sarah Bolger) encounter magical creatures at a relative's old estate.

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The Spiderwick Chronicles in IMAX

By bbuck501
Overall, a very enjoyable trip into fantasy land. I learned thenks about fairies and gremlins and the such that I never imagined. The acting was good (not great) and the story line was very good. I...

very good movie

By tzvika770
its was fun exprience the movie was very good i liked him...


By adrijen
We took our 3 boys ages 5, 4 and 2 to see this and they loved it along with us. There are a few parts that are alittle scary(like when Jared stabs a ogre diguised as his dad) but that didn't stop my...

Good movie, nothing like the book

By ewarfbas
The movie is not at all like the books, so if you have read the books you might be disappointed. My husband had not read the books and felt that is was a good overall movie. The kids enjoyed it....

The Spiderwick Chronicles

By theglads
We saw this movie on the IMAX screen. The special effects were great. The acting was decent. The story lacked plausibility on the big screen, though; this is a case where seeing what was imagined...

Spiderwick Imax

By sheablog
I was very dissapointed with the Imax experience - really expected more - comparable to old time psuedo 3d. I loved Narnia (not in IMax) and this movie did not come close....

OK movie paced for children

By Serpenteswenchy
OK this is not the next Lord of the Rings. Not even the next Narnia, However it is a good starter fantasy movie for children who like action without all the talking. (ie plot or character development)...

Wait until Junior High

By matilda04
Spiderwick was a great movie for older children (probably around 11-13 years old) but it was a bit intense and suspenseful for my 9-year-old. While she enjoyed the different creatures and the basic...


By barbarawixson
My 2 granddaughter (8 & 5) and I loved the movie. The 5 year old is fearless, and was not frightened at all. What was disturbing was the level of sound - way too loud! No reason to have the volume...

Spiderwick Chronicles was actually good!

By doggiesarenice
Okay, so I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but there has been too many fantasy movies involving little kids saving the world lately. I know it's geared towards the younger audience, but I...

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Rated PG | For scary creature action and violence, peril and some thematic elements
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Common Sense Media says OK for kids 8+ Book-based family fantasy is magical fun but also scary.
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