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The first human born on Mars travels to Earth for the first time, experiencing the wonders of the planet through fresh eyes. He embarks on an adventure with a street smart girl to discover how he came to be.
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Space between us: is meh

By TommyBoy2016
This movie assumes we will all be using 17" wide plexiglas laptops in 16years. Right there, the "future" aspect was suspect. It is a story of a teenage boy on Mars wanting to be on Earth, and a...

Cute Movie Part Love Story Part Sci-Fi

By DocHalle
Good for the whole family. Some wonderful scenery on earth and off. The acting was wonderful. Brit had a great part. I'm not sure they got the science right. One min they are terrified he can't...

By addiedurant03
Really really REALLY sad. Saw it with my friends and the only reason I didn't cry more than I did was because one of my friends said "I'm gonna cry" there were a few twists that kept me into it....

Diabetics beware

By thevampirelestat
This movie sucked as much as any female porn star. This movie is so sugar sweet, I'd rather drink from a syrup bottle. Anyone claiming it was good or that they cried, is LYING! This movie was...

The Space Between Us

By carlynemcguire
Fantastic, absolutely wonderful movie. a must see....

For a movie about science, there isn't much chemistry on the screen

By trinaboice
Grade: C+ Rating: PG-13, 120 minutes In a Nutshell: This is kind of a modern version of the old Starman film about STAR-crossed lovers. Writer/Director Peter Chelsom has given us some truly...

How can a Mars colony be old fashioned?

By PaulPCoker
You know what they say, "A kiss is still a kiss...". If you don't "get" that reference, then you've never seen Casablanca, but you might still like old fashioned romantic movies. If not, stay away...

Awesome sci-fi adventure story, surprising pro-life message

By matthewgerber
Cant recommend this movie enough! See it with a loved one...bring tissue!...


By photobyloyda
This movie was so cute and emotional!...

Great movie!!

By Angelwing4life

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Rated PG-13 | For Language and Brief Sensuality
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Common Sense Media says Teen sci-fi romance is sweet, if not out of this world.
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