Sound of music

By dannykathy34
Written May 14, 2013
Best movie I've ever seen on the big screen! You have to see it next time if you missed it. I cried when Julie Andrews started singing in the beginning. It was the best movie experience I've ever had. Great sound system ! I will go back to see this movie everytime it comes back on to the big screen!!
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Mother's Day Gift

By Big_Daddy_Gus_Stone
Written May 14, 2012
My mom loved it and loved meeting the cast members...
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Sound of music

By Nikhiyang
Written September 20, 2013
This movie brings back lots of childhood memories of singing and laughing with friends and family. It made my childhood livelier and happier.
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By Eid
Written March 14, 2013
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Aaren Evans

By pointe2014
Written January 30, 2014
This is the best classic movie I have ever seen. I used to watch this with my mom when I was little. I was so happy that I could watch it on the big screen while she was well.
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