The Social Network..'Brilliiant Cast & Movie

By Javajive
Written October 08, 2010
The SOCIAL NETWORK is an intensely fascinating movie and Actor Jesse Eisenberg has Star quality written all over him. He was wonderfully Dramatic as the young ambitious Founder/Creator of Facebook - the youngest in US History to become a Billionaire. That's pretty heavy: great Dramatic Casting to The Social Network beside the talents of Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake a much promising Actor totally shines and I was totally blown away when legendary Haunt/Drama Actor David Selby DARK SHADOWS/FALCON CREST etc.,. made a appearance/playing the Lawyer to the Enemies. What a nice surprise that was..'he was smooth. Great movie!
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pretty good

By jackjack1985
Written October 14, 2010
its realistic enough that you think half this stuff actually happened but also a little bit out there that you are thinking no way this crap went on. Entertaining for sure, enough plots and things going on back and forth that keeps your attention.
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The Social Network

By Tracey2170
Written October 14, 2010
Great Movie!! Kept my interest the whole way through. Lots of action.
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Five Word Review

By nickthrolson
Written October 01, 2010
Awesome Bright Smart Motivational Fantastic
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Facing the Facts

By sunnyforever
Written October 07, 2010
I am impressed. If you like People Magazine, love to watch sports, or need air to breathe, you will like this movie. I am impressed with this fascinating story of a genius in progress. I am impressed with the mind and how an awkward mind relates to a social network. And like Forest Gump and Six Degrees of Separation, I am impressed with how movers and shakers all seem to converge instantaneously at various points in time. I am really impressed with this movie. So I am off to the internet to spend the rest of the evening researching the mind of Zuckerberg and the people who brought FACEBOOK to birth. And if you are one of the 500 million who have signed up for FACEBOOK you will enjoy this bit of history too. The F bomb and the B word are dropped occasionally and there is a 2 minute sexual scene that gives the movie its PG13. Other than that the movie is sanitized.
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