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Written October 05, 2010
Anyway,I was not disappointed! This movie is a unique opportunity for a character study of someone currently relevant who has affected our lives in an irreversible way. Not only Zuckerberg,but his partner,enemies,etc. Sharp,sharp and realistic screenplay that keeps your interest and care without the embellishment of r rated or gratuitous material so many fact based films thrive on. May not be 100% accurate,but I believe it came pretty close considering it needed to be made into a theater film. I am impressed with all actors. I am impressed they didn't try to make Zuckerman a sympathetic hero,yet we still root for him. Director got exactly what he wanted all the way around and I will be extremely surprised if this movie is not a serious Oscar contender. Will see again to absorb the brilliance.
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Totally Worth The Hype

By chadploskina
Written October 02, 2010
You will realize within the first six minutes or so just how artfully crafted the dialogue is and, therefore, how underwhelming the back and forths are in most films. I love that most of the actors are not megastars. I love how there isn't anyone for whom to root. I love the subtle, scathing, whip-smart humor. I love the flashback, flashforward, Slumdog Millionaire-like method of storytelling. It's just a great movie that is so very culturally relevant.
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I predict at a minimum 4 Oscar Nominations

By gosub
Written September 26, 2010
My prediction is 'The Social Network' will be nominated for at least Best Picture, Best Actor, Cinematography, Writing. I loved this film. Don't wait for the DVD; see this in the theater. The cinematography and style are compelling eye candy... the kind you want to first experience on the big screen. Some real stand out performance and sharp dialogue. Great soundtrack. A great night out at the movies. 5 stars.
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Social Retard

By kraduate
Written July 28, 2016
I almost gave this a Go but went with So-So because that's exactly what it is. It's good enough to see once but I have no desire to ever see it again. The story of how such a socially deficient jerk ended up creating such a successful social network in facebook should be fascinating. But I found myself disliking technology's impact on our culture even more than I already did. One of the most repeated praises I hear about this movie is it has intelligent, witty dialogue. May I suggest, if you don't know people who talk like this, perhaps you should broaden your own little network of friends. The dialogue seems very commonplace to me. The story of how facebook was created is interesting... and also a bit depressing. Mark Zuckerberg, as portrayed in the movie, seems to have sociopathic tendencies. He is not the kind of person I would like in real life and I feel a little guilty about how much I love fb. I think I'll appreciate this movie 20 years hence after fb is a distant memory.
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'The Social Network' Movie Review

By vaanan_kannan
Written August 04, 2015
'The Social Network' lets you know right from its very first scene in the pub what you are in for. With sharp witted, clever dialogues weaving through the films entirety, and the perfect portrayal of the geeky, and supposedly extremely arrogant Zuckerberg by Jesse Eisenberg, and Andrew Garfield as the wronged Eduardo (Garfield's performance here actually gives me hope for our 'Friendly Neighborhood Wall Crawler's' reboot), 'The Social Network' hits all the right notes. But being peppered with geek-dom sequences like Mark's hacking of all the various college websites for his 'FaceMesh', the 'Next Bill Gates', etc, I just have a feeling that those people who do live the tech and online life at large may identify more with this movie. All in all, though it may not be playing too true to the real story of Facebook (I guess this is simply Hollywood's style of 'spicing things up'!), 'The Social Network' s one Facebook related movie that I am glad does not have a 'Dislike' button...
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