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By crawdaddy4444
Written January 25, 2012
Smurfs starring Neil Patrick Harris as Patrick Winslow and the smurfs. The smurfs voices included George Lopez, Katy Perry, Jonathan winters, Alan Cumming and others. This movie takes place in the big apple. Where the smurfs go through a portal to get to are world from smurf world but before the portal closes gargamel the evil sorcery gets through and tries to kidnap papa smurf played by the voice of Jonathan winters. The smurfs then meet Neil Patrick Harris and co star jayma Mays. This movie then takes a twist when papa smurf is captured by gargamel and his power is drained. The smurfs do every thing to find him. Overall I enjoyed this movie. The movie was a little boring at time and funny rarely. I would have liked more variety and to shake it up it was very predictable too. I could basically tell what was going to happen through the whole movie. I would give this movie 3 out of 5. Because of the predictability.
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adorable little movie

By diet pepsi
Written January 17, 2012
well me and my family watched this movie and i for one dont get what is with all the bad reviews of this movie because we watched it and loved it so i just dont undersrand all the negativeity it was cute for kids and the parents and older brother loved it too
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By Somers322009
Written July 31, 2011
This movie is great . Funny, serious and completely amazing. It is a must see. fun for kids and adults of all ages.
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By tlist809
Written July 31, 2011
good movie. cute whit only a slight bit of suggestiveness. must see. popcorn was ok and buttery, had a slight overdone flavor.
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By Mari0820
Written June 22, 2013
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