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Great for anyone!!! :)

By sabrinaellis
Written August 01, 2011
My husband and I took our 5 year daughter to see the Smurfs Saturday night. This was her first trip to the movies as well. She LOVED the movie. We even loved it, especially the ending when the cat said "Are you dead?" and laughed. This movie is for anyone and is especially a great refresher for the ones that grew up watching the smurfs like I did.
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Prepared to hate it, but laughed out loud!

By oldmom
Written August 01, 2011
I was always offended by the pentagrams, spell casting, etcetera on the old cartoon, but took my 7 yr old to this movie. It was perfect for kids, yet some funny moments for adults as well. I THINK there were no cuss words! Neil Patrick Harris & his wife did an awesome job of interacting with invisible co-actors. There was a lesson, believe it or not, about cherishing what is REALLY important in our lives.
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By twyatt1980
Written August 01, 2011
My husband and I went and saw this movie and loved it! Cute movie and cant wait for Smurfs 2 to come out! ;)
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The Smurfs

By JoBusbee
Written August 02, 2011
Absolutely great movie. Funny and very entertaining. My 4 year old grandson loved it!
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By kkay75
Written August 01, 2011
We took kids ages 4-16.... It was a little silly at some points, but the kids enjoyed it and that's what matters!
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