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Kids Love it!

By melayrevilla
Written December 29, 2014
My Kid loved the movie so it is worth taking them to see it. It is fun but is not the best film of the year for sure. It gets a bit scary at some point, but should be fine. I think kids above 5 years old will enjoy the movie, younger than that I doubt it!
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the smurfs 2

By sarratt_patricia
Written August 03, 2013
wonderful movie. loved it. it was funny, and inspiring. there were a couple of parts that even brought tears to my eyes. the kids really enjoyed it also. they are still talking about it. this is a movie we will buy when it comes out on dvd.
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Didn't make me laugh

By leo2391
Written March 27, 2015
Unlike some other animated moved. This movie's humor doesn't cross the generations well other than having the iconic Smurfs, but I think all kids will love it.
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Smurfs 2

By danoryan
Written August 25, 2013
Not for young children. This is too long. This could have and should have been no more than 90 mins. The acting? It is fine. But going into this you know full well this is not an award winner by any stretch of the imagination. It is for kids, so why make it longer than their ability to sit and attend? How is it that Hollywood can make a 2.5 hr adult action packed thriller with no more then 9.75-pages of dialogue but they can't do the same for kids? Not that our kids need to be anymore attention starved, but there has to be a happy medium somewhere. My kids (5 and 4 yrs old) did fine through the movie but they certainly were bored and challenged at times. I also understand cost is an issue and the economics of making sure viewers get their money's worth, but Smurfs 2 could have been better served if it were shorter. And no, my kids were not too young for this movie. Remember were talking about little blue Smurfs; the target audience.
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Smurfs 2

By unclegargy1066
Written March 26, 2015
I'll say this. 'The Smurfs 2' is better than the first, enjoyable for the children and just enough in there to keep the adults entertained. Hank Azaria was brilliant as Gargamel and looked like he was enjoying himself a lot. In the UK it is a U film but I think it should be at least a PG. Many people took under 5yr olds to the film and it did upset/scare some of them. Some people don't like the joke about the corndog being cooked in peanut oil. Having a nut allergy is serious and life threatening, so not something to joke about. But apart from that every else was great. I intend to see it again.
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