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By margiegreen1950
Written July 27, 2016
My granddaughter and I both really enjoyed the movie. It really kept our attention. The theater was quiet, so the other people( in the theater) seemed to enjoy it also.
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By ssggreene
Written September 01, 2015
The Smurf 2 was an excellent and amusing movie, full of excitement and adventure. My whole family enjoyed the movie my son couldn't stop talking about the movie. Recommend the movie to all families.
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Smurfs 2

By Babyann6854
Written May 30, 2016
Took 6 of my grandchildren and they were glued to their seats for the entire movie! Everyone of us loved the movie! We laughed so much! Cute, cute story. Will definitely buy the DVD and know that it will be watched over and over!
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By HeidiLaDuca
Written May 03, 2016
Some cute parts but overall not great. Neil Patrick Harris was the only redeeming character. Didn't love the mocking of kids with allergies. Just not funny and distasteful in my opinion.
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The Smurfs 2

By Sharmaine2007
Written June 30, 2016
I did not see the first Smurf movie, but the Smurfs 2 was awesome. I think I enjoyed it more than the kids did. Now I am going go and watch the first movie.
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