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Love It!

By kdrose5
Written February 11, 2016
Great movie! I think most kids would enjoy this however I'm not sure a 2-3 year old would be able to sit through it. It would depend on their maturity since it isn't a cartoon. Plan on going to see it again before it is out of the theaters.
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Smurfs 2

By unclegargy1066
Written March 26, 2015
I'll say this. 'The Smurfs 2' is better than the first, enjoyable for the children and just enough in there to keep the adults entertained. Hank Azaria was brilliant as Gargamel and looked like he was enjoying himself a lot. In the UK it is a U film but I think it should be at least a PG. Many people took under 5yr olds to the film and it did upset/scare some of them. Some people don't like the joke about the corndog being cooked in peanut oil. Having a nut allergy is serious and life threatening, so not something to joke about. But apart from that every else was great. I intend to see it again.
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Smurfs better in cartoon

By nerissa627
Written September 02, 2015
Really did not enjoy the combination of real life characters. I so preferred the good old days when the smurfs were all in cartoon form. The music was good and the movie was entertaining enough to keep me watching.
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Complete trash

By ellynvb
Written August 19, 2013
Took my 8 year grandchildren to this movie. Just awful. The writer ought to be required to sit through it. Heavy handed sappy plot overlaid with stupidity
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Funny Movie

By debbieqdenny807
Written October 28, 2014
My kids and I saw this yesterday and we thought it was witty and cute. My kids laughed and enjoyed the movie. Although as not as good as Despicable Me 2, better than Turbo. It was a movie with a moral lesson to be learned that the kids actually "get."
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