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By milnesy
Written August 06, 2013
If you ever watched the Smurf's as a kid you need to see the movies. They are cute and even the adult humor in them had me laughing out loud. I think I even liked this one more than the first.
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Smurfs 2

By lockwoodgirls
Written October 24, 2014
Took my 10 year old Grandaughter and her friend. We all enjoyed it. It has some great adult humor. Thought may be a little long, but all in all was great,
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Smurfs ll

By jborgioli
Written September 23, 2014
Was a good movie in general. My grandson (7yrs) enjoyed the movie and laughed allot. There were times of slowness in my opinion. What I really liked about the movie though it told a solid story of unconditional love VS conditional love was a powerful message and was very well presented. It also told a story of family and how important it is to make something of yourself regardless of where you came from, so again, the movie is full of good messages that kids need to hear.
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Good for the kids!!!

By mikelorin
Written August 27, 2013
My children ages 7 & 9 loved the movie!! They thought it was funny, and had a good message in it. I thought it was entertaining, and Gargamel was funny! So take the kids, they will love it!!!
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Smurfs 2

By 44fan
Written December 26, 2014
Enjoyable, but--like so many sequels, not as good as the first one. It does leave open the question of what will be now that there's a second female Smurf! Kids will love it! I found it easy enough to sit through.
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