Lots of Fun!!

By dedbugdug
Written February 25, 2008
I loved it, but then again this is right up my alley. Written and directed by three different people who were part time film makers. I mean done with no budget and has the attention of people like Wes Craven. Well done, go see it!!!
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Signal-ing A Cult Classik?

By CtMovie_Buff
Written February 15, 2008
OK, me again and i seen the screening on Wednesday and the movie was...was..just different. The movie was broken into 3 stories a.k.a transmissions. The first one was actually pretty effective in being a horror/thriller. The second one continues the first but from a different perspective which ends up changing! However, the second one was actually pretty funny; black comedy if you will. And, the third one picks right back where the second ended and gives the "conclusion". The movie was thought-provoking, and had the confusing tone to the end. The only problem is the movie builds to something and then it really steps to another level so now you do not know where its going or where its been, and nothing is explained which is a blessing and a curse. But the storyline was great, the actors really made this believeable and at times intentionally unbelievable. But the hear misses were also great. Check it out for a good time. See with friends or a date but not the family!
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it was ok

By ebonflame
Written February 21, 2008
I saw this film in October at a film festival that featured films coming up in the spring. THis film was ok. It is very excessive in the violence, but i guess most people that see this movie are looking for excessive violence. the boyfriend took way to long to die though! that was ridiculous.
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A little slow but good acting

By crazypoet3
Written November 20, 2007
I enjoyed the sets, costumes and cars from the era. The story developed a little slow, it lacked suspense and the plot was nothing new but overall it was entertaining. Good acting too.
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By Chiffon
Written January 26, 2008
Looks entertaining, but probably won't even see it. Or rent it. A complete rip off of Stephen King's Cell. Total rip.
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