By thedoctor777
Written October 27, 2016
This is a wonderful film that address's the sexuality of severely handicapped people. It is a look into their thoughts and desires. Their bodies may not be whole in many ways; but their minds and thoughts are just like the rest of us. Yes it has lots of nudity; but in this film it's no way used as titillation or to just show it. The nudity is used for creating self esteem in a person that has little to none. This films deals with the Catholic Church and it's approach to sex outside marrage. I'm not sure how the devout Catholic will feel about this film; but one thing for sure they will say that it is a heartfelt and compassionate movie. It is filled with true love and the honesty in finding that true love. The writer/director did a fantastic job of bringing this film to the screen. It is in no way a dirty or offensive film in my opionion. The three main actors were supurb. I can see at least two best actor/actress nominaions. A must see if you love films based on a mans true life.
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Great film

By FLASH1465
Written September 01, 2016
Great story, casting, and acting. Not for those that are prudish. A LOT of nudity and sex BUT they are key to the story and aren't used cheaply. John Hawkes is Fantastic and Helen Hunt is great . They both bring their "A" games. I see nominations for both in the near future. The film is touching at times but more often than not it is flat out funny. I give this an A- .So go see it just know that you will be seeing adult content.
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Go see The Sessions....

Written September 29, 2016
The is a beautiful but, emotionally draining film. It deals with very real, very difficult topics of the human existence and does so in a profound way. It is truly a must-see for emotionally mature individuals and couples. WONDERFUL!
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By thomasreece
Written April 23, 2017
This is a beautiful, heart warming movie. Made more so as it is based on an actual like lived in an Iron Lung. The acting is terrific. It is joyous, sad, and hopeful.
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John vs Daniel

By tasteful1
Written August 29, 2016
John Hawkes will win the Oscar for best actor for playing a character similar to the one played by Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot (for which he won an Oscar.) William H. Macy is fun to watch in whatever he does. Helen Hunt is always monotone to me, but people like fearless, and in this movie she is. Very enjoyable movie. Smart screenplay.
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