Best Film in a Long Time

By HighAnxiety
Written October 21, 2012
Saw this at a film festival and loved it. SO funny! Can find nothing wrong with it. Some people may be turned off by the nudity- although, for once, it's relevant. All of the actors are fantastic, especially those in non-lead roles. William Macy's facial expressions are genius. I think all adult age groups would enjoy this film, but maybe not those people who are offended by graphic sexual language and nudity.
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Touching Romance!

By pedsarq
Written October 21, 2012
What a great romantic comedy! Hawkes plays a paralyzed individual who can feel physical sensation, but can't move from the neck down. He wants to try having sex and begins to see a sex therapist, played very well by Helen Hunt. What's truly surprising about this film is how romantic it is. Sure, he falls in love with several of the women, but it's his delicate sensitivity and appreciating for the other person that strikes a romantic chord.
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Mesmerizing and touching

By RandytheMovieFan
Written November 02, 2012
This is a beautiful, upbeat movie about a paralyzed man's struggles to find happiness, or more specifically, to lose his virginity. It is a true story told in large part through the writings and poems of the actual person. The cast is small, the action is subdued, there is laughter and wit and emotions galore. And yes, there is graphic sexuality, so leave the kids at home. Parts of the movie feel incomplete or forced, such as the relationship between the surrogate and her husband, but overall a very good film. Doesn't need to be seen on the big screen to be appreciated, but sure to be in the running for a number of big screen awards come Oscar season.
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The Sessions

By rickejjt
Written November 19, 2012
Beautiful performances by Hawkes, Hunt, and Macy in this sweet, honest, subtle and tasteful portrayal of the experience of journalist and poet Mark O'Brien. His story provided inspiration on so many levels. the supporting cast also added humor, emotion and intensity. Will see this movie multiple times! Excited to see the Oscar Nominations that come out of this. Perhaps a Best Actor and Best Actress Nod?
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By thedoctor777
Written November 19, 2012
This is a wonderful film that address's the sexuality of severely handicapped people. It is a look into their thoughts and desires. Their bodies may not be whole in many ways; but their minds and thoughts are just like the rest of us. Yes it has lots of nudity; but in this film it's no way used as titillation or to just show it. The nudity is used for creating self esteem in a person that has little to none. This films deals with the Catholic Church and it's approach to sex outside marrage. I'm not sure how the devout Catholic will feel about this film; but one thing for sure they will say that it is a heartfelt and compassionate movie. It is filled with true love and the honesty in finding that true love. The writer/director did a fantastic job of bringing this film to the screen. It is in no way a dirty or offensive film in my opionion. The three main actors were supurb. I can see at least two best actor/actress nominaions. A must see if you love films based on a mans true life.
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