Can't understand the negative reviews

By blake08
Written August 26, 2009
Obviously, this movie is not for everyone, but for anyone interested in fashion it is a must see. It is brilliantly edited, very funny, and perfectly executed.
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Go for Some, So-So for others. For special tastes.

By karensaucedo
Written October 24, 2009
Ok, that qualification made, I liked it. It was a window into a world I'd never given much thought to and, a world I would want NO part of, having seen it. Anna Wintour is a monster in heels. She just takes no prisoners and I suppose for the right purpose, that has its uses....but, a magazine? Clearly, it means much to many. But, not to me. Nevertheless, it was interesting to see the lengths she and her staff go to for the right content.. Two real turn-offs were the featuring of FUR. Nasty. And the featuring of Sienna Miller. Nasty. The older woman (Photo Designer?) with the long red hair who has worked with Anna for years was refreshing. She was real and lent a human element to the enterprise.
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September Issue

By Fran Gare
Written August 31, 2009
SOOO Boring. I went because I thought I would learn something. All I learned was how tedious a movie could be.
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September Issue

By jcslack
Written September 26, 2009
THE VERY BEST FILM OF 2009. Long live queen anna
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By NYC212
Written September 17, 2009
This documentary had all the makings for great entertainment, but it was dull, lackluster and slow. Don't bother!!
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