They've Destroyed the Beauty of the Book

By BethCY
Written October 04, 2007
If you really want something festive, go read the series. While some changes are nice when bringing it to the big screen, there was no need to butcher the books. Harry Potter managed to pretty much keep the tone of the books. Sadly, they ripped and mauled and transformed this into something that needed a new title because it's loosely based and a disgrace to the actual book. BTW this is not the first book in the series, this is the 2nd book. Once again Hollywood decided our children are too dumb to be able to handle a movie in another time period in order to bring them in. So bring on all the modern conveniences and dysfunctional families and the throw out the Arthurian roots while you change around all the characters to suit this brave new world. I am very disgusted with it.
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A young teen's persepctive

By deangelobeth
Written October 27, 2007
From the perspective of a young teen, it was good. Having read the book, it was pretty much like the book, but added items of interest for the audience like romance. Wasn't too far off the mark though. At times it was confusing because there were short flashes of scenes (memories or transitions to another time). At times was pretty scary for a 9 year old and younger.
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The seeker

By danphoebe
Written September 09, 2007
Looks like a great movie
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Go See It!

By snoee77
Written September 28, 2007
This movie is going to be great! It is a battle between dark vs. light that is totally kid appropriate and entertaining for people of all ages as well. If you have kids, GO SEE IT! If you don't have kids, GO SEE IT! You won't regret it!
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By caleb_wagner
Written May 13, 2012
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