The Seeker: The Dark is Rising Synopsis
A boy discovers he is the last of a group of immortal warriors who fight the forces of evil.
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They've Destroyed the Beauty of the Book

By BethCY
If you really want something festive, go read the series. While some changes are nice when bringing it to the big screen, there was no need to butcher the books. Harry Potter managed to pretty much...

A young teen's persepctive

By deangelobeth
From the perspective of a young teen, it was good. Having read the book, it was pretty much like the book, but added items of interest for the audience like romance. Wasn't too far off the mark...

The seeker

By danphoebe
Looks like a great movie...

Go See It!

By snoee77
This movie is going to be great! It is a battle between dark vs. light that is totally kid appropriate and entertaining for people of all ages as well. If you have kids, GO SEE IT! If you don't...

By caleb_wagner

go away!!!

By tweet222

Had a great time with my daughter!

By Jim Lawson
I really enjoyed the movie. It kept moving and was not at all dissapointing as some reviews I've read. I felt that it was well acted and and interesting storyline. I would spend the money to see...


By MemphisBelle17
The problem with the book THE DARK IS RISING is that the descriptions of all the bizarre space/time bending as well as all the action are so vague that it's impossible to conjure a mental picture of...

From a young boy's perspective

By Oddmovies2
This is a review by my 9 year old son: "It was outstanding! If you like action, you will love this movie! It has good acting, great graphics, and an interesting storyline. This movie makes you...

See This - Have your eyes bleed

WARNING: Epelepsy at end!!! Flashes of random light from unknown sources! On the other hand...someone help me find the plot! I think it fell into the blackhole that is this movie and got consumed......

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Rated PG | For fantasy action and some scary images
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Common Sense Media says Disappointing adaptation of a great kids' book.
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