The Secret World of Arrietty Synopsis
A tiny girl and her family live in anonymity by borrowing items from a house's human inhabitants.
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A nice change to a lot of the stuff out there!

By loonarossa
We saw Arrietty last night and we all liked it a lot. It is set at a slower pace than a lot of the other kids movies out there. Not a whole lot of violence and beat them up type stuff, but a nice...

The Secret World of the small one's

By punk_vampiregurl
The movie taught me a lesson, as do most of the Studio Ghibli films. Personally, I loved the movie. It was sweet and adventurous all at the same time. This really is a movie that anyone could see and...

ANother amazing film by Studio Ghibli

By chambertlo
A beautiful animated film that deserves to be seen by any fan of animation, and great story telling in general. This movie screams quality, and is on par with anything Disney has released as a...

Animation for Adults

By cpoint1
I noticed that all the previews preceding this movie were for little kid cartoons, and almost every adult in the theatre was there because he was dragging a kid along. But this beautiful movie...

The Secret World of Arrietty

By llmills
I enjoyed the movie and I had my two grandchildren ages seven and four and they really enjoyed it. They were totally engaged in what was happening in this movie. Talked a lot about it after and if...

The Secret World of Arriety - Good stuff!

By keith.senator
The movie was similar to the other Miazaki films, but did depart from the unusual beings that are common for him. It was all done in the real world. It was a powerful story. I am a big fan of his...

Beautiful and magical

By Vicksta608
This movie was wonderful escape into imagination, but it felt a little rushed, as far as developing the story goes. The imagery was breathtaking and every scene was a work of art. Maybe I'm used to...

Arrietty could win Best Animated Feature of 2012

By royjaruk
An excellent adaptation of The Borrowers that reaches out and touches the audience. You know you have a winner when an autistic child sits in his seat for the entire movie and is absolutely caught up...

The Secret World of Arrietty-Beautiful & Great Story

By grammiej
I took my 7 yr old grandson on opening day. We both loved it! I had read all 5 of the "Borrowers" series of books by Mary Norton as a child myself, so to see this story on the big screen was like...

The Secret World of Arriety

By vivconnagal
May the rich, innocent, beautifully drawn work of Ghibli never end. I wish they would re-release My Neighbor Totoro. This work is magical, but not in a fairy tale / Disney way. It's animation that...

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Common Sense Media says Deeply felt anime about loneliness and friendship.
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