The Next Hit Christian Movie

By rigdont
Written September 01, 2009
"The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry" the latest feature film from writer/directer Rich Christiano. This heartwarming coming of age story is set in 1970. Three best friends learn to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ to their lives by listening to the secrets of a "senior saint" Jonathan Sperry. This is exactly the kind of inspiring movie every Christian wants to see, but is rarely produced by the "Hollywood machine." Especially since it both honors Christ and quotes scripture as truth. Unfortunately, without your help it most likely will not play at your local theater. We need to help spread awareness and garner support for this movie and Christian movies in general. We need to keep the ball rolling. "Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof" proved that we Christians are a tremendous, powerful, and untapped market. Let's make sure to build upon that momentum by making "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry" a huge success too.
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We could all learn a thing or two from this flick...

By tomfer
Written October 06, 2009
I was touched by the message of this film. It made me want to be like Jonathan Sperry in my neighborhood and in the life of others in general... Believe me, that will be an incredible challenge for my household to overcome, but we are all wanting to put this into action! Loved the movie and will buy several and pass them out at Christmas time!! Go see it and change your attitude about others... we all have a story... .
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Great Movie With a Great Message

By Apocrypha1611
Written September 27, 2009
I just saw it with my wife and we both were very touched by the story. I've noticed that several reviewers didn't like the movie and even more did. I believe the reason is very simple; those who liked it are for the most part Christians who like movies with a good, clean, moral story - those who didn't – don’t feel this way. Here is a good way to tell if you'll like the movie or not; try to remember the last time you used the word Jesus; was it a curse word or was it in a positive way.
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You Have Got To See This Movie !!!

By dbh2005
Written September 12, 2009
You will be convicted by the powerful way this movie propels the urgency, responsibility and the results of sharing the gospel. But the most unique thing about this movie is that it shares the Gospel while teaching you HOW to share the Gospel and you don't even realize it. The story and characters are so engaging, genuine and winsome that you don't even realize what it has done to you...UNTIL THE END OF THE MOVIE. My 7 and 10 year old granddaughters watched the movie with me. The 10-year old was impressed by the idea of turning the other cheek when someone mistreats you, like the bully in the movie. She commented that that would be hard to do but admitted that it made her stop and think about what makes kids be so mean to each. The 7 year old put it very simply. She said that if you are not a Christian, the movie would show you how to become one…and if you are a Christian, it will show you how to be a better one. It will create great opportunities to dialogue with your kids. Deb H
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2 Thumbs up 4 Jonathan Sperry!

By msvercetyle
Written September 21, 2009
We really loved this film. It was refreshing, powerful, funny, and compelling. The new up and coming child actors were great, we look forward to seeing them in more films. As well as the veteran actors who keep us engaged throughout the film. This film is great for almost all ages, I would say from about pre-teen on up to 105 years old! I will see this movie again and I think everyone who sees this film will laugh, cry, and laugh some more.
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