This Movie Deserves Justice!

By Fox_hero
Written January 18, 2008
As Don Bluth's first animated movie after leaving Disney, obviously no one would really expect much. But that's irrelevant; this is possibly one of the most graphic G-rated movies of all time, but its because of its fearlessly added content and unique story that makes this a truly eye opening movie. The story itself is one that really makes you wonder about things related thereto, and the animation itself is possibly the best i've seen in any kind of non-Disney production. The voice acting is something to be admired, as it illustrates the characters beautifully, and creates a cast you just can't ignore in any aspect. The score is both mystifying and beautiful; setting the mood of the story perfectly. Be aware though, this movie does contain some pretty frightening scenes involving sword fights and science experimentation of lab rats that children might find scary. As for language, i wouldn't consider it too extreme, unless you consider one curse word an obstruction to a minor.
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wow that's deep

By darkmediadarling
Written August 03, 2007
i cried
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By saphira15249
Written March 09, 2007
The book was better than the movie. If anyone has a second or third grader who likes adventure, this would be a good book for them.
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By Kayla6709
Written June 04, 2013
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Best animated movie

By diegob2023
Written October 05, 2016
(This is supposed to be four and a half stars)
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