The Secret of Kells Synopsis
A young novice meets a fairy after he ventures outside abbey walls into an enchanted forest.
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Enhanting & Creative Visuals & Lovely Music But I Fell Asleep Thru Most of the Movie

By pupmom
This movie's visuals are nothing like you've seen in a movie before: very enchanting, creative, colorful, dramatic, and a little out of this world. If only for the visuals and music, I would rate...

Beautiful fairytale, few words it- comes through in animation and music

By acstar
I wouldn't recommend this movie for children. It harkens back to when fairytales were truly scary becuase they were based on very real dangers. It takes place in a much more simple society with...

A magical Irish animated feature

By mawnck
Brendon is an apprentice cartographer in the middle ages, secretly learning his craft while his oppressive uncle restricts his every move. He escapes from his walled city and meets a mysterious young...

secret of kells, high recommend

By irockedwithazombie
- superb voice acting, abbot's gruffness conveys just the right doses of kindness, brendan's wide eyed idealism enlivens the little ginger boy in all our hearts and of course ashley's voice acting is...

Visual delight

By slythegrl
The visual complexity of the world surrounding these characters was unlike any I've seen before. I thought it was beautiful and interesting, almost mesmerizing, like the embellished calligraphy and...

Beauty and abstraction in storytelling

By moviemoviemovieguy
This is the most beautiful animation I have seen in a long time. The art and use of abstraction is amazing to witness. This is not a computer animated film where you can count the leaves on the trees...

Five Word Review

By alistairnelson
Stunningly beautiful visuals. Colourful. Inspiring....

Feel Good Flick

By Redwoodrider
What a great movie. It had an awesome story and very creative art/animation style. It was very refreshing to watch and you actually leave the theater glad you went(which is more and more rare these...

Secret of Kells

By travelmaster
Very inspirational. Most of this is based on imagination. Good entertaining movie....

See this in theaters while you can!

By mdb63
Great painterly animation. I went with my daughter, (9), she loved it. Some parts were quite scary for the younger kids sitting behind us, but they were fine....

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Common Sense Media says Magical animated adventure is intense but beautiful.
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