Mitty is a Musty

By gtengel
Written February 13, 2016
What a great movie! It had all the elements of adventure, love and loss. It was brilliantly directed and felt like we were traveling with him. We took our two boys ages 6 and 10. Knowing it would be a little long for the 6 year old since it wasn't animated, we also packed some snacks. He was pretty entertained throughout the movie, however, just hiding his eyes on the kissing parts. There are so few movies these days that a whole family can go to and enjoy for different reasons and yet still receive a poignant message. I highly recommend this do all families with kids over 5!
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Very delightful

By mckaig.donald
Written May 04, 2016
Ben Stiler does a great job in the leading role walking us through the movie. As for the movie itself, like most day dreams it's funny sad and wierd all at the same time and it probably would have fallen flat if it wasn't for Ben Stiler and some of the one liners in the movie. I thought it was very enjoyable though some might have thought it slow and dragging. I would recommend it as a nice way to spend a night out.
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unexpectedly delightful

By kmoazzemi
Written March 05, 2014
I was never bug fan of ben stiller but after seeing this movie I changed my mind. it was a nice movie with deep conversions and stuning scenes.
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Keep it a secret no more!

By derekandtinad
Written December 26, 2013
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was a terrific film! The acting was outstanding, the scenery was beautiful, and the life was fun to be a part of! I appreciated that people of any age could enjoy this movie.
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secret life of walter mitty

By moviebuff100
Written December 25, 2013
we loved it - very inspiring - he's all of us - my young 13 yr old had fun and understood it -the cinematography was great - really really cool effects - penn's cameo is terrific
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