I'm Concerned...

By glen2813
Written December 26, 2013
...About people who were critical of this movie. I feel like it's reflective of some greater societal issue that people didn't think that this is a wonderful movie that is packed with vital life lessons for adults and children alike. Is it perfect? No. Does it have a shot at best picture? None. BUT...can't we see the beauty in a well crafted film that reminds us to be in the moment, cherish each day, and enjoy the great people around us? The best part of this movie was the insightful discussion I had with my kids over dinner afterwards. Nothing better than that.
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Uneventfully Satisfying

By scott151
Written December 27, 2013
Being in my early 40's, I was able to identify with Walter Mitty: Keep your head down, do your job, be responsible to your family's needs, and don't act out on your dreams. For many of us I presume, this is a sad, but very true reality. It's exciting to be reminded, though, that we can act out on our dreams if we muster up the courage; that we can break free from the norm. The idea of getting on a plane to Greenland without prior planning was refreshing. And who in there right mind would get in a helicopter with a drunk pilot? Funny where a little bit of courage will lead you. And boy, did I need to be reminded of that. Overall, I thought the movie was very slow-paced, which maybe was intentional. Maybe Ben Stiller wanted us to feel the doldrum pace of Mitty's life. Yet no matter how uneventful most scenes were (especially in the beginning of the film) Mitty had me wrapped in his world. And I left the theater feeling strangely satisfied. The acting, of course, was superb!
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Incredibly unremarkable

By adamsanders100
Written December 26, 2013
It wasn't terrible but completely forgettable and not at all worth paying to see. The story had potential but failed to deliver. Don't waste your time.
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WE loved it...saw on Christmas day ...best choice we could make

By pennypit
Written December 26, 2013
This movie is so much fun...lots of laughs and some poignant moments, too. The cinematography is fantastic! They went to Iceland and Afghanistan and filmed such gorgeous places...but did it ways that were so impressive. I plan to watch this movie again on DVD just so that I can stop and really admire the scenery. Lots of interesting and fun things going on visually all through the film. Even the opening credits were innovative. The story is precious and everyone in it was just right for the part. Ben Stiller has outdone himself this time.
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"Walter Mitty" head and shoulders above most of the December movie fare

By genebass
Written December 25, 2013
The movie was first rate from the first scene on. Ben Stiller was perfectly cast, and the transitions from "reality" into "fantasy" were done flawlessly. There is really nothing negative that I can say about this show. Keep 'em coming!
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