Best Version Yet! Will Make You Want to Live Your Dreams

By LizBennettWanttoBe
Written July 02, 2015
I read the short story when I was in college and saw the 1940s or 50s version of this. I didn't think much of either. As an adult, though, this is a great retelling of the original short story. If you are 40-something you will love this as a mid-life crisis moment when you realize that what you dreamed about and planned to do in your 20s just didn't get done due to real life interrupting. This film will make you re-evaluate what you've left undone, unsaid, and unplanned. It makes you want to live in the moment instead of just dreaming about what could be. It's never too late. Aside from the too many product placements (which is a real pity), the film has an excellent cast, believable dialogue, and fantastic action-sequences directed expertly by Stiller. Ben Stiller is a great "Everyman" in this and Kristin Wigg is wonderful. My 9 year old son loved the action scenes and that's high praise. Great message, fantastic direction, and wonderful acting --don't miss it!
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Not to be categorized as ordinary.

Written December 27, 2013
This is a fine film, that, like it's main character does not fit into any particular genre or style. It would appeal mostly to the middle class working adult - probably boring for kids. It is pure entertainment that is easy to watch and with many different aspects thrown in a la 'Where's Waldo' while maintaining a do-the-right-thing theme. Ultimately, it is a life lesson parable played out in memorable fashion. M H
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By vconte613
Written December 30, 2013
More than meets the eye! The commentary on corporate greed and power mongering, the mystical quality of what motivates people and the pure comic relief of it all make this worth the time and the money. As a teacher of organization theory and a student of Zen, I could relate to a lot of the film on a gut level. More laughs than I expected, and more meaning than you expect.
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SOOOO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By MovieMagic888
Written December 29, 2013
I was so excited about this movie. Dying to see it. I've lived this dream. I was in the corporate world working as a aerospace designer. Then became a travel photographer even for National Geographic, so I know the feeling everyone of the dream.. this was not it. The trailer had me hooked and I was like wow, one big adventure. Not. Soooooooo boring!!!!!!!!!! There were action sequences here and there, but way too short, then he goes back into nerd character and never really becomes the heroic person he aspires too. He is just a quite little nerdy guy hoping to get the boring girl. In a nutshell. 1. 10% of movie is action. 2. 80% boring office dialogue and talking to girl and shots. 3. Dud love story. So boring. 4. He was just a boring dude and I really wanted him to break out and become "that" guy on the trailer, the mountain climber. Not. 5. This is where Michael Bay could have rocked this as director and with a better writer.
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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

By Heropwr123
Written December 03, 2014
First or all I like the concept, workaholic guy with no life dreams of being a hero etc. However the movie was tainted with all the commercials for E-Harmony, Cinnabon, CareerBuilder and such companies. It was very hard for me to see Kirsten Wii as a love interest, she always had a smirk on her face and I kept expecting her to break out in one of her SNL skits. Ben Stiller looked like he was always on the edge of cracking a joke here or there. I never knew if I was supposed to laugh or be sad, especially in the scene where he fell into the ocean. Was that supposed to be funny or tragic? . I enjoy movies that speak about being a better self, like "Rocky" but let be a little realistic, he would have had hyperthermia and died before he could skate through Iceland and walk the Himalayas, so unbelievable that it made the concept out of reach. Overall a great DVD movie to watch at home, save your money and go to a show that gives your more realism or more fantasy..
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