Tedious, slow paced, downer.

By snackbar
Written November 19, 2008
If you enjoy watching human misery, this one's for you! Story begins with our young protagonist killing her own mother (while mom is being beaten by the abusive husband, no less) who then goes on to a life of servatude to her gratutitously abusive father, followed by a senceless racial beating of her black friend, another racial beating of another friend, then a sucide - well you get the picture. Some may call it gripping drama, I call it crap. Horrible screenplay/story line made even worse by empty-eyed, walking-zombie acting by the big-eyed "star." Only bright spot was role of and performance by Latifa.
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Best Movie I've seen in a LONGGGGGG time....

By vivalasjamaba
Written November 08, 2008
The Secret Life of Bee's is an amazing story. This movie will keep you mezmorized from the very beginning to the very end. I think every woman should go see this moive with her mother, sister, best friend, or even just by themselves. It is a really wonderful film....
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Secret Life of Bees

By dreatrvls
Written November 07, 2008
I LOVED this movie!! I read the book a while ago...when it first came out I think...and usually movies have a hard time living up to the book...but this movie is definitely an exception. With a cast like that though...how could you go wrong really??
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The Secret Life of Bees

By AliMickey1
Written November 01, 2008
It is a great movie! It is a must-see!
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The Secret Life of Bees

By captainedd
Written October 26, 2008
I found it to be a very entertaining and thoughtful movie. Set in 1964, with the civil rights movement as a backdrop, I see a young lady fighting to find her own place in this world. Dakota Fanning does a great job as lily, and all the others are true, fully dimensional characters. I found myself crying at the sad moments, and laughing out loud at the funny ones. The movie is historically accurate, and I recommend that one should see this movie.
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