touching and emotional; great movie

By Popped_corn
Written December 06, 2008
The secret like of Bees was an emotional movie, with intresting twists to the plot that made it worth while. I would have to classify this as a "Chick flick" however, and say that it was a definate tear jerker. The characters were unique and kept my attention. The era the movie took place in was a great selection, full of friction and change. Fabulous movie.
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The Secret Life of Bees

By Vivianryan1
Written November 05, 2008
This was an amazing movie compounded by the fact that almost 50 of us went to see it at the same time and date. My friend Sally, is Sue Monk Kidds Cousin and she gathered us al together for a "BEE SOIREE,"afterward, and it was almost as amazing as the movie. The Bee-tinis were incredible. I read the book and loved it. It was sweet and heart wrenching at the same time. I grew up in that time frame and could relate quite well to the issues at hand. Bravo MS Kidd and Bravo and thanks to our Sweet Sally. Truly,VRD
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no secret, it is a must see

By iamstoryteller
Written October 23, 2008
Phenomenal movie, with enough touching scenes, great writing, and heartwarming parts to leave a long lasting impression. Each and every actor was spot on. Out classed all the bigger budget movies of 08 for sure. Adding special effects doesn't mean adding value. More story means better movie, and The Secret Life of Bees has loads of character and great storytelling and no junk or fat to weight it down.
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The Secret Life of Bees

By mamaval
Written October 21, 2008
Wow you must go and see this beautifully put together film, it will make you ANGRY, it will make you LAUGH, and it will make you think about how far we have come as African Americans, oh and the Love, Well Done, Well Done.....Mamaval...:)
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As good as the book

By islaverde
Written December 20, 2008
I was a fan of the book & this movie sticks fairly closely to the original story. The real magic of this film is how perfectly it was cast. Dakota Fanning as always is completely believable. Take your husband along, this movie will have him crying in the theatre.
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