Great Acting...but something was missing!

By rwomble
Written October 20, 2008
Hats off to to all the actors and actresses in this movie! But, something was missing. I had a hard time understanding the demenor of the of the characters. I plan to read the book to get a feel for what I was missing in the story.
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It was o.k.

Written October 19, 2008
This felt like a Hallmark movie. A lot of cutsey stuff that took away from it feeling authentic. I grew up in the south and the truth is the whites are not that evil and the blacks are not that perfect. If someone would lose the PC and portray people for who they are, imperfect regardless of skin color we might have watched movie that was believable and inspiring.
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I loved it!

By Movie_Go'er
Written October 19, 2008
Our book club read this book and went to see the movie. I think reading the book helped to connect the dots, but the movie is solid in its own right. The acting was believable and allowed you to put yourself in the time frame, How timely to have a movie with a sub-plot regarding the civil rights movement to allow African Americans to vote. It just reminded me how far we have come to actually have an African American running for president. This is a heartwarming movie about a young girl finding her voice, sisterly love, strength, and hope. My hat is off to the author, the actors, and the director! Go see this movie and take a friend!
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The Secret Life of Bees

By ml7478
Written October 30, 2008
This movie was inspiring and uplifting. I am an independent woman of the Christian faith and I could definitely relate to this positive and motivating film featuring sisters, black and white, supporting one another.
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no secret, it is a must see

By iamstoryteller
Written October 23, 2008
Phenomenal movie, with enough touching scenes, great writing, and heartwarming parts to leave a long lasting impression. Each and every actor was spot on. Out classed all the bigger budget movies of 08 for sure. Adding special effects doesn't mean adding value. More story means better movie, and The Secret Life of Bees has loads of character and great storytelling and no junk or fat to weight it down.
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