Perfect movie for people of all ages...

By starx95
Written November 12, 2008
I took my 11 yr old daughter & her friend to see this. Neither are girlie types ~ they were both transfixed by the story. I hadn't read the book, so I didn't know what to expect. We all laughed and cried, and I was quite surprised that they loved it as much as they did... I loved it too... the acting was superb. Sophie Okonedo was so amazing as an emotionally damaged woman, I will be shocked if she doesn't get an Oscar nod for best supporting actress. Having lived around many different types of mental illness, I know what I'm talking about... I was surprised that I had the only kids in the theater! It's a perfect way to help youth to understand, in a rather milder version of reality, the history of prejudice in some parts of our country. It is a good way to have serious conversations with your children about the ugliness of prejudice and the importance of love. Don't waste the opportunity, take your kids and talk to them about it. You'll be glad you did.
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The Secret Life of Bees

By ret1215
Written October 28, 2008
This is an excelllent movie. Saw it the first day it came out and am planning to see it again and will defintely by the DVD.
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Bees Pack a Good Sting!

By TCasaurus
Written January 03, 2009
This movie was emotional and showed that a book as a movie is possible. Dakota Fanning, is back from disapearing, and mix in a few singers, you have a great movie. I believe this should be seen.
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The Secret Life of Bees

By chadie
Written October 17, 2008
This movie is excellent. I have to disagree with the review of because there are three singers in the movie, singing should be done. How ridiculous. The are acting not performing. Dakota Fanning is an excellent up and coming actress and the others do a fine job as well. The story line is excellent and easy to follow. I suggest reading the book before seeing the movie. Another disagreement I have is that Alicia Keys.....she plays the piano Mr. Dave.
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Glad I Didn't Listen to the Critic

By FanAndie
Written October 25, 2008
Watching "At the Movies" airing on NBC last Sunday night, I heard one movie critic say that this movie basically had no relevence and was not worth seeing. That guy sure got it wrong, and thankfully I did not pay attention to his review. I don't know if this movie really deserves my highest rating. If there were a space between Must Go and Go, I'd put it there because I have been to movies slightly more interesting than this one. However, as a depiction of the true meaning of family and learning to accept life's lessons with grace and grow from them, this movie succeeds wonderfully. And furthermore, the cast was excellent!
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