Loved this Movie

By singme
Written October 23, 2008
I loved this movie. I really cared about all of these characters. The year was 1964 and the times they were a changin. This movie gives us a glimpse back as to how things were during the civil rights movement and reminds us just how far we've come. It seems to be able to capture the essence of the time. The acting was superb. I am always amazed by Dakato Fanning and Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, and the rest of the cast were just wonderful. Go see this movie. It will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. You will feel sad, appalled, inspired, and crazy good all at the same time.
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Very true to the book

By liaden
Written October 22, 2008
Whenever I see a movie made from a book, I always cringe a little, wondering what they are going to change that I won't like, what they will leave out that I think was absolutely crucial to the story. The good news is, they did an absolutely fabulous job with this one! Every bit of the book was there, every happy moment and every painful one as well. My best advice to anyone coming to see this is BRING KLEENEX. I had to send my husband out to the lobby for napkins and everyone around us was crying, some openly sobbing. It was that kind of movie. Marvelous job by all the actors. Just a really fantastic movie.
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By mAmMaWiCkEdd
Written October 11, 2008
Sooo excited!! the book is absolutley amazing, i reccomend it to all! :)
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Bees and their secret life.

By JDB728
Written October 25, 2008
I went to this expecting a good movie. I ended up being greatly impressed. This is an amazing movie. It's a very emotional movie with great acting to match. Strong performances by Fanning, Latifa, Hudson, and company help to tell this terrific heartfelt story set when the Civil Rights Act went into effect. This is probably the best movie I've seen about what can come from mixing different races & cultures since Crash. This was however a completely different movie. I would say to anyone looking for a good child friendly family movie(even though parental guidance is a great idea for the mild violence and innuendo), this is a great choice. Thanks for reading.
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By pmharris611
Written October 17, 2008
You have to make time to go see this movie..There are so many touching moments..Queen Latifa, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson and Dakota Fanning are simply marvelous...Definatly Oscar Worthy Material...Don't wait...GO>>>GO>>>GO!!!!
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