Well Done movie

By Cinemaniac_247
Written December 07, 2008
Great overall movie. Storyline, character development, music selection, choice of actors were all fine choices. Captivating story will keep you entertained throughout the duration of the film. Also interesting were the visuals shown here and there indicating America's racial divide during that time. Definitely a movie to see while in the company of your girlfriend or just a friend if your a dude..... to avoid any akward glances from the ladies in the next row....
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The Secret Life of Bees

By ddhtpope
Written December 06, 2008
I loved this movie ... it is a collector's item!
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The Secret Life of Bees

By Chivondatyann
Written October 23, 2008
I really enjoyed the movie! It was so close to the book! The movie and actors/actresses were just as I pictured them when reading the book! Alicia Keyes was an excellent portrayal of June. Jennifer Hudson was Rosaline as I saw her and Dakota Fanning WAS AWESOME! May's character was perfect. I Laughed a lot, I cried. I really enjoyed this movie!
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the secret life of bees

By father'sday
Written November 28, 2008
we enjoyed this movie very much. the characters were great and the acting was wonderfull. we highly recomend this movie to everyone jerry and addy
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written September 08, 2009
Such a great underrated film.
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