The Savages Synopsis
Grown siblings (Laura Linney, Philip Seymour Hoffman) must care for their senile father.
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Felt very real....very good.

By karensaucedo
Made of the things....little warped things......that life is made of....And, of course, stellar acting.......

Painful Upbeat

By filmbuff60
Dealing with life issues is never convenient. The characters in this movie, wonderfully portrayed by Linney and Hoffman, reluctantly deal with their fading father and along the way find themselves. ...

Excellent character driven story.

By Matinee Mike
The movie does not hit you over the head with sappy generalizations regarding the relationship between children caring for ailing parents. The story portrays all of the nuances surrounding...

A movie full of great talent!

By moonruled79
Wow! I was so impressed with the acting in this movie. Phillip Seymore Hoffman and Laura Linney are so great together as brother and sister. Hoffman is just brillant in this movie as always with his...

Dysfunctional is not detached

By easyniner
A simple story becomes a good movie with excellent writing and outstanding acting. A little jewel of a flick!...

One of the best movies of 2007!

By lavande
What a magnificently funny, insightful, thought-provoking movie about GROWING UP (not about growing old). I laughed when I read other reviewers using words like sad, bleak, despressing to describe...

Savagely bad film...

By Baycyd
This film was one of the worst I've ever seen... bleak, depressing, boring, interminable. The 2 cute quips in the trailer are all you get ... Linney's a pathetic whiner, Hoffman is perfect but the...

hard to watch

By jjetmund
this movie was honest, but hard to watch. something we all go through or will at some point. it wasn't easy to watch at all. but it was truthful. towards the end of the movie...laura linney's...

Good, but a little depressing

By bluebearcare
Adult siblings coping with the mental and physical decline of their parent. Not the most up-lifting premise. This film, for me, lacked the je ne said quoi that makes me care about the characters....


By BentonW
Good movie ... expected it to be just about what it is ... a reality type story for upper-years baby boomers who will have to deal with this subject matter at some point. They depicted it well with...

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Rated R | For some sexuality and language
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