Very Touching and Fantastic Acting

By conniestarcompton
Written December 03, 2016
Last night we were privileged to see this movie! Please see it if it comes to your area (and it will be available through Netflix)...I was mesmerized by the touching story and faith and strength and even compassion shown by these two amazing Missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their families. We were blessed to have two of the cast members and the director talk to us after the showing...what fun! (The webpage has a Q&A entry - after you see the movie)...PLEASE support this film. You won't regret it!
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The Saratov Approach

By ellenofthevalley
Written January 28, 2017
I thought this movie was very well made and told the story in a very realistic way. This story was told in a tasteful way while keeping you on the edge of your seat. As a parent I could relate to the concerns of the families of these missionaries. As one who has traveled abroad, I can totally relate to the safety concerns of those who travel or live abroad. I liked the choice of actors and thought they were believable in their roles. This is not a movie for young children. I would not bring kids under 12 to see it. It is too intense for their innocent and immature minds. I look forward to other movies in the future that tell such gripping stories with tact and in such a realistic way.
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Wonderfully Done!

By mrogers1108
Written December 02, 2016
I think everyone should go see this. It had me laughing, crying, nervous, and all other types of emotions throughout. It was very well written and quite an amazing, true story.
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Highly, highly recommend!

By lovebunch
Written August 03, 2014
This is a must-see movie! It is very powerful, ESPECIALLY due to the fact that it was a true story. The original missionaries to whom this actually happened revealed during an interview that they were very pleased with the accuracy of the portrayal of the events, and the emotions of all involved, in the actual incident. What a deep admiration I feel for those missionaries, because of the decisions they made -- and for their families, and all those who prayed for them, and for the difficult decisions they made, as well. What a celebration of the human spirit and sacrifice and of faith in God! A great movie for any Christian! Saying more would ruin it for those who want to see it, so I will stop. Just be prepared to come away from the movie having been deeply touched -- to the point of soul-searching. This has the potential of being a life-changing movie!
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Awesome Portrayal of a True Story!

By nashby123
Written August 03, 2014
Anyone will have an awesome experience seeing this film! It was a super neat story and really captivates any viewer, especially knowing it is a true story! Pretty amazing to see how much people care about what they believe in.
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