The Saratov Approach Synopsis
Two Mormon missionaries in Russia are taken captive and held for ransom.
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Very Touching and Fantastic Acting

By conniestarcompton
Last night we were privileged to see this movie! Please see it if it comes to your area (and it will be available through Netflix)...I was mesmerized by the touching story and faith and strength and...

The Saratov Approach

By ellenofthevalley
I thought this movie was very well made and told the story in a very realistic way. This story was told in a tasteful way while keeping you on the edge of your seat. As a parent I could relate to...

Wonderfully Done!

By mrogers1108
I think everyone should go see this. It had me laughing, crying, nervous, and all other types of emotions throughout. It was very well written and quite an amazing, true story....

Awesome Portrayal of a True Story!

By nashby123
Anyone will have an awesome experience seeing this film! It was a super neat story and really captivates any viewer, especially knowing it is a true story! Pretty amazing to see how much people care...

Highly, highly recommend!

By lovebunch
This is a must-see movie! It is very powerful, ESPECIALLY due to the fact that it was a true story. The original missionaries to whom this actually happened revealed during an interview that they...

Very inspiring

By anmsmom333
The movie was very inspiring. It shows how two young men who are in a dire situation can lean on their faith to make it through. Their friendship was also quite touching. It is nice to see a...

Great Story, Small Cast

By ericringger
It's an amazing story told by a small cast. Redemptive moments. Beyond the theme of self-sacrifice, there is another valuable theme: listening carefully to one's heart and to the Holy Spirit. ...

Ok, not great typical LDS movie

By davidhscott
This movie will appeal to an LDS audience that only requires that their faith be sustained at the end of the evening. As far as the movie goes, it's quite obvious in places. For example, the very...

Great Movie!

By tatiananp
Very nicely done. Great movie to see and get inspired!...

The Saratov Approach

By bramma29
This was an excellent movie. Very emotional, suspenseful and well written. I can't imagine what those missionaries went through but their faith and the prayers of the whole world certainly helped...

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