So, so what

By iknowbest
Written October 22, 2014
Perhaps the heroines were amateurrs and the movie wanted to reflect that. But for the very feel good ending, a most enjoyable Chris Dowd, and an interesting bit of information about the Viet Nam War, the movie would not have made it past the cutting room floor. The director and screenwriter seemed to want to make this film relevant and address the terrible racist practices in Australia (as well as universal racism, viz. the wounded white American soldier refusing the aid of a black soldier when he can have the aid of someone he thinks is white, which practices under law have been there until recently, but the film merely drops references in maybe 3-4 times. It does not make those practices truly part of the movie--which ultimately is a flimsy rock 'n roll romantic comedy.
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Great characters!

By UpperWestSider1
Written July 03, 2015
This is definitely a feel-good movie, but that doesn't mean that character development has been sacrificed. The music is great, but what will stay with me is the personalities of the people in the film.
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The Sapphires is a gem

By rayeroth1
Written May 11, 2013
The tread of truth and awareness to bigotry are supported with great music. If you like soul and the moves of the '60's you will be informed and entertained.
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The Sapphires

By bjack123
Written April 07, 2013
I was in the military during and I vividly remember the USO entertainers visiting the troops. This movie brought back many memories and remained true to form.
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There should be Oscar-buzz about this one!

By Le_Cinephile_Topaze
Written February 25, 2014
This is such a topical, funny, poignant and straightforward portrayal of the 60s, racism, Vietnam - with underlying tones of romance, lust, and ambition. Chris O'Dowd is Hollywood's most recent should-be-IT man, his performance deserves some accolades in the form of awards! Tired of formulaic movies from catatonic actors? Get The Sapphires!
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