The Salon

By cmoore7
Written May 15, 2007
I was very interested in the movie because of the actors, but it was TOO predictable. You knew what was going to happen next. I was tempted to walk out early on, but I finally did. I didn't remain to see the end. Too typical. It had it's funny parts, but the movie just moved to slow. And to me this movie should have been rated PG-17 or really Rated R it was rated too low. I had my 12 year old son and the sexual content was a little too much for anyone under the age of 18 to be listening to. And how many times do we have to talk about the black and white issues --can we as a people let that go? One of the interesting things I got out of it is discovering that Jenny's son, Troy, is the real Little Bill. Other than that this movie is not a keeper and I do not plan to purchase for my dvd collection. I can do without! Love the actors!
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Great Cast = Great Time!

By starbucks_queen
Written May 11, 2007
Loved it! To me, this subject never gets old when you have a hilarious cast, cute boys (love Darrin Henson!) and a great message. Worth the watch - taking my mom and the aunts to see it for mother's day!!!
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The Salon

By gretaloney
Written May 16, 2007
We are not able to attend this movie on the scheduled night. Can the coupon tickets be used at another time.?
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By aunipoo
Written May 16, 2007
i luved da movie i thought it waz gon be borin by da look of da cover but i enjoyed it i cant wait till it come out im gon make sure i get da tape
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The SALON is just as ECLECTIC as any Beauty or Barber Shop Truly IS!

By JustinJ
Written May 17, 2007
WHAT A STRANGE TURN OF EVENTS. Extras with no speaking parts, but too much face time kept popping up throughout the entire movie, being as visible and emotionally vested as some of the main characters, but never being introduced or seen until 3/4 throught the movie. Distasteful jokes about the deceased Ana Nicole Smith that, had she still been living, might have been boringly crude. And to make more things bizarre, Gerald Levert (also deceased) cameos 2/3 of the way through the movie, by coming to get a manicure from a stereotyped Asian young woman who has not been seen until this scene! and was never seen again. Then, there was the spontaneous drive-by egging, by a bunch of tough guys with guns, who happened to be carrying eggs in their car? Then there was the banana-peeling contest between the prostitute and the gay stylist, about who could PEEL the banana? It seems clear that there were some revisions to the script in the middle of filming.
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