Slow, Boring, and not funny

By Gigity
Written October 29, 2011
I came into this movie not really knowing what to expect, and left highly disappointed. It was not funny in the least and the polt was boring and dry. Don't waste your time or money.
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Rum Diary

By mogeyman
Written October 30, 2011
If you are any kind of fan of Hunter Thompson its a must see. If you're a die-hard Johnny Depp fan you'll be rewarded with a performance that's not simply dialed in. Plus, because of the subject matter and low publicity, the theater won't be crowded!
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Rum and more Rum

By Shady Bogeyman
Written August 04, 2015
If you are a Hunter S.T. fan, well, get yer ***off the couch and go. A must see if in fact it is a real (factual) prequel and not a made for Depp story. Either way, don't expect the Fear and Loathing freak outs, just not there. A c plus. Depp his usual sterling self, the story left too many subplots hanging and was a bit slower than hoped for.
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For the love of everything that's good, don't see this movie

By sak473
Written November 01, 2011
It's dull and slow moving with no plot or point. People were walking out in the middle of the movie (and there weren't that many in the theater to begin with). This movie will be out of theaters within 2 weeks.
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Don't Bother

By matthewc
Written October 31, 2011
This was one of the worst movies Jonny Depp has ever been in. This was a pointless storyline that went no where, very very slow and confusing. I ended up walking out of the movie after 50 min, and complained to the manager. I was able to get a full refund!!!! Please save your money for a better movie.
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